Custom Portrait Illustration

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Transform yourself into an illustration with Isabelle Poirier (Izzy’s) style. She treats her digital illustrations as if they were paintings. Basically shaping your facial features by using lights and shadows.

After purchasing this product, you will be contacted within 24h by our graphic designer to tell you more about the process and ask you for your picture. If you wish to have your portrait transformed into an illustration you must provide a picture where we can see your full head.

Please make sure that the email address you enter for your purchase is correct.


Due to high demand, there might be a waiting time necessary for your portrait to be created. Plan your time accordingly.

Please also note that even if you purchase a portrait illustration the copyright belongs to the artist (Isabelle Poirier). You may not reproduce in any case the image unless you have permission from the artist. By purchasing this illustration package you may use your illustration on social and you must give credit to the artist which is @arty_izzy and / or @design_ip.